Smoking and Bone Health

Smoking is a risk factor for developing osteoporosis as smokers lose bone mass at a faster rate than non-smokers. There are numerous reasons for this. Cigarette smokes generate free radicals; these molecules kill and damage healthy cells, affecting cell renewal. In addition toxins found in cigarette smoke affect the balance of hormones that bones need to stay strong. They decreases oestrogen production and oestrogen has a protective affect on the bones. At the same time smoking also increases cortisol (steroid hormones) levels, which has a damaging effect on the bones, reduces bone formation and slows down healing.  

Smoking also increases the chance of fractures, and approximately 1 in 8 hip fractures are caused by smoking. Once you have a fracture it takes longer for your bones to heal when you are a smoker. Quitting smoking is shown to slow the rate of bone loss and improve bone healing.

Kick-It Stop Smoking Service

Kick-It Stop Smoking Service provides support if you are battling the addiction. Having successfully helped over 6,500 smokers to quit across London, research shows that you are four times more likely to quit when using Kick-It’s specialist support than if you were to attempt to quit on your own.

How does it work?

Sign up for your free, weekly sessions to help get through the initial six weeks - the hardest period of quitting - at clinics in local GP surgeries, pharmacies and outdoor community locations. All appointments are with qualified advisors and are available on a one-to-one basis, within a group or drop-in session or via telephone. Each session provides free advice on suitable prescription medication; support in changing your smoking habits and access to regular carbon monoxide tests.

More information

If you are looking at quitting smoking for good, please visit the Website of Kick-It or call 020 3434 2500 for a full list of locations in Kingston and information about how to sign up.

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