How to Avoid Fragility Fractures

  • Be Active

Although it is essential for people who have reduced bone mineral density to stay active, they need to be cautious and avoid certain types of very vigorous exercise. By undertaking the Better Bones programme you can learn more about how to boost your bone health and exercise safely with osteoporosis.

  • Be Informed

If you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis it is important to comply with the recommended treatment given by your doctor. Due to the asymptomatic nature of osteoporosis only 40-70% of patients comply with their recommended treatment and take their prescribed medications. Taking your medications prescribed for the treatment of osteoporosis can reduce the risk of a fracture by up to 50% but only if they are taken continuously for the recommended length of time. If the side effects of your medication put you off, speak to your doctors or pharmacists as there are numerous alternatives that you may be able to try.

  • Be Healthy

In addition to exercising regularly and taking your prescribed medications, you can also make some simple lifestyle changes to reduce your risk of future fragility fractures and have a healthy diet, not smoke and drink alcohol in moderation only. In addition, if you are unsteady on your feet and have had little trips and falls it is important to address the causes and reduce your falls risk. Click here to read more about falls prevention

  • Be Social

We know that taking your prescribed medication, remaining active, and following a healthy lifestyle are all important factors for bone health, but we also like to keep things fun and sociable. Better Bones and the Kingston Public Health Team are frequently organising events where you can learn more about our services and meet like-minded people.