Equipment Needed

A clear space of wall against which you can gently place your fingers/hands for balance, and two steady chairs you can place either side in case you lose your balance.

Exercises Included

  • Heal Raise (“Two-Feet” and “Single Leg” variations)
  • Tandem Balance • Single Leg Balance with Arm Movements
  • Single Leg Squat • Side Lunge with Leg Lift


Benefits of the Exercises

The exercises in this video are designed to challenge your balance. Over a period of weeks or months this can help to make you more stable. Improving your balance helps to reduce the risk of falls. Reducing the risk of falls decreases the likelihood of fracturing bones. This is important for anyone with, or a risk of, osteoporosis.

Other Warnings

Please see the warnings given in the initial introduction to these exercise videos. In addition, some participants may find some of the exercises in this “Balance” video too challenging, and could risk falling whilst attempting them. You must use walls and furniture for support, as shown in the video. If you are unsure of your ability to complete an exercise without falling, do not attempt it.