Express Circuit

Equipment Needed

  • A clear area of wall you can lean against.
  • A steady chair you can sit on for some of the exercises.
  • Something you can use for hand weights - two small bottles of water, or cans of beans will do.
  • A rolled up towel, a pillow or a ball (about the size of a football).
  • A stretch band. This is shown in the video and is optional.

Exercises Included

  • Side Lunge
  • Wall Press
  • Wrist Flexion / Extension
  • Side Bend
  • Heal Raise
  • Sit to Stand
  • Thigh Squeeze
  • Seated Row


Benefits of the Exercises

This video includes a selection of exercises addressing all areas of the body, and put together in a short class format for you to follow.  These exercises aim to improve your upper and lower body strength.  Over a period of weeks or months this will help to strengthen muscles around the upper and lower back, hips, legs, shoulders, arms, and wrists.  The pull of these muscles on the bones will help to maintain bone density in these areas.  These exercises can also help you maintain good posture, which is very important in order to avoid some of the common complications occurring with osteoporosis.

Other Warnings

Please see the warnings given in the initial introduction to these exercise videos.