Equipment Needed 

You will need a steady chair on which to rest your foot for some of the stretches.  You may also need a second steady chair you can use to assist your balance.

Stretches Included

  • Chest stretch
  • Shoulder Rolls and Rotations
  • Hip Flexor Stretch
  • Standing Spinal Extension
  • Side Bend Stretch


Benefits of the Exercises

These stretches aim to correct muscle imbalances that are common in osteoporosis, in order to avoid associated postural problems.  Hold each stretch position for 20 seconds, ideally once or twice every day.  You can do the stretches any time.  Directly after exercises shown in the other videos is ideal.

Other Warnings

Please see the warnings given in the initial introduction to these exercise videos.    Stretches should not be painful, only mildly uncomfortable.  If you feel pain when stretching, try reducing the intensity of the stretch.  If it is still painful, skip that stretch and move on to the next one. 

In addition, some participants may find some of the positions shown in this video too challenging for their balance, and could risk falling whilst attempting the stretches.  You can use walls and furniture for support.  If you are unsure of your ability to complete a particular stretch without falling, do not attempt it.